What is Breathwork?


Breathwork is a powerful active breathing technique that is a direct way to get you out of your head and your thoughts, helping you reconnect with your physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. The breath helps in moving stuck energy, opening your heart, and can assist in healing pain and trauma.

How does it work?

Sessions can be done in person or remotely on video or phone. Before a session I send you a short questionnaire asking some questions related to what you'd like to work on so we can have a particular focus when we meet. 

When we meet we'll review where you are and the things you'd like to work on and I'll explain the breathing technique. I'll create a safe energetic container for the space and we'll get to work. You'll breathe for 30-40 minutes to a curated music playlist that will help you focus on the breathing while I guide you. 

The experience is different for everyone and different every time. You'll likely feel a strong tingling sensation and the vibration of energy through your body and in specific places where things are stuck. Many people have powerful experiences and release. Your experience will be unique and specific to what you and your focus.